I found the password to my old blog, and I remembered some of you guys I used to talk to.

If you’re interested in talking or being mutuals again, hit me up on either:

www.shydreigon.tumblr.com (personal)
www.fable-heart.tumblr.com (WWII)


Fifth graders attending a sexual ed presentation

Fifth graders attending a sexual ed presentation

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Friendly reminder that I have moved~
I now run a 1940s themed, as well as animals and science, themed blog.

If you’d like the URL, hit me up. :)

I made a new blog… This one probably won’t be updated anymore, so if you’d like to follow my new one, send an ask.


when you hear everyone flipping the test page over but you’re still on question 2


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why do girls still get body hair hasn’t evolution realized ain’t nobody got time for dat

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i hate that stupid “friendzone” terminology

that shit doesn’t even exist like:

if you think i’m obligated to be sexually/romantically inclined towards you because you’re “nice”

i will put you in the enemy zone and use your blood as lube during my next sexual encounter

Literally me, as soon as I hear “friendzone” it makes me see red uhg.

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